What We Do

We provide compassionate care for our patients and those who love them most. We are experienced professionals passionate about providing the medical, physical, psychological and spiritual support that comes with the diagnosis of a terminal illness.

By combining the insight from family members, patient wishes and needs, and advice from your physicians, we develop an individual plan specifically designed to work for you.

Our Services


Medical Social Services

Physician Services

Hospice Aide/Homemaker Services

Volunteer Services

Spiritual & Bereavement Counseling

For Families:

When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, the burden is carried by those closest to them. Joining someone on their hospice journey can be very overwhelming and we hold your hand throughout your journey.

River City Hospice is dedicated to the most compassionate service and care so you feel you have an entire team motivating and supporting you. You are not alone.


For Patients:

new-to-hospice-san-antonioWe understand the emotions a terminal illness can bestow upon both you and those you love the most. The decisions that have to be made can seem overwhelming and daunting.

At River City Hospice, we believe in the importance in providing you the support to make those decisions easier on you and your loved ones with our years of experience as your guide.

Our compassionate care approach is centered on making your last days as comfortable and joyful as possible.

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